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I am a qualified coach and member of the Association of Coaching. I'm also founder and business owner of a holiday let agency, and prior that that, I was on the management team of a brand agency, as HR & Finance Manager.

Throughout my career, my roles have been about building relationships and supporting people. My experience has taught me the importance of harnessing individual strengths and values alongside business strategic vision. I believe strongly that everyone should have the opportunity to feel nurtured, supported and motivated within their day to day role and that businesses have a responsibility to care for their staff, providing a culture that empowers people to achieve their best both personally and professionally.  

This experience and the passion that I have about my own personal growth and the growth of those in my team led me towards coaching and ultimately  to train as a Coach, with Coaching Direct in Edinburgh. I'm now a fully trained coach and a member of the Association of Coaching. 

I'm passionate about supporting people on their own journey to achieve fulfilment and success. My coaching style encompasses my values of empathy, integrity, focus and balance with my breadth of experience both in business and in life.


Working with Lorna feels like freedom. Lorna has given me the support and space to explore the inner parts of myself without judgement, allowing me to break down the mental barriers that have held me back from reaching my potential. Thank you, Lorna!!”


Yasmeen Alamango, Marketing Manager

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