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My six session coaching package is about giving you the time and space to think and reflect on:

  • What’s going in your life and business at the moment and ultimately how do you visualise yourself in the next year and beyond?

  • What’s important to you, what are your strengths and values and how would you like to be living your life?

  • Is your business working for you just now, and if not, then what are the changes that you can make?

  • Ways to overcome that inner critic and imposter syndrome, feel confident and boost your self esteem

I will coach you in six sessions over 3 – 6 months to explore these issues and to support you in coming up with a sustainable and tangible plan towards reaching your goal.

Session 1: Detailed discovery session, using a ‘Wheel of Life’ or ‘Wheel of Work’, followed by inspiring goal setting. (1.5 hrs)

Session 2: establishing connection with the goal and development of overall plan / mind map of actions towards reaching this goal (1hr)

Sessions 3 and 4: Review of actions from Session 2, insights and learning from this and development of further action plans (1 hr each)

Session 5: Review of actions, insights and learning from previous sessions and creation of final plan towards the goal. Begin to look at sustainable activities for the future. (1hr)

Session 6: Recognition and celebration of the changes that have taken place throughout the coaching journey! An affirmation of how you see yourself in the future and some sustainable activities to support you on your journey ahead. (1hr)

Throughout the coaching journey my role is to support and challenge you, to keep you focused on the goal ahead and to use powerful questioning techniques and coaching tools to help you to get clarity and have those ‘lightbulb’ moments. Together we will ensure that you set the right actions to keep you motivated and to keep you moving forward and on track towards your goal.


These sessions are carried out 1:1 either by Zoom or in person.

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