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“Lorna has proved to be empowering and challenging in equal measure. Our future- focused sessions coupled with a deep dive on the EQI front, have paid dividends twice over already. Lorna's personal style and consistent encouragement helped me find clarity and instill accountability, both are invaluable to me now and for the future.”

Lucy Partridge, Business Owner

“I've really enjoyed coaching with Lorna.  I initially approached her looking for help organising my business but the process has brought up much more than I expected.  As with a lot of people, my priorities have changed over the last couple of years and it's been really helpful to have guidance finding my true North.  I was burnt out and needed a change but was unable to see past my situation, sometimes you need fresh ideas and a gentle shove in the right direction.  It turns out that it's my life, rather than work, that's a more important starting point, with that in mind and a hefty dose of motivation and confidence instilled by interactions with Lorna, I have positively, both financially and timewise, changed my current work routine.  Extra time in my life has allowed me to start laying the groundwork for a new scalable business, I look forward to discussing this with Lorna, she has become an invaluable sounding board.  I highly recommend coaching in general and Lorna in everyone.

Victoria Meacham, Business Owner

Working with Lorna feels like freedom. Lorna has given me the support and space to explore the inner parts of myself without judgement, allowing me to break down the mental barriers that have held me back from reaching my potential. Thank you, Lorna!!”


Yasmeen Alamango, Marketing Manager

“We were looking for a passionate and professional coach and Lorna Moffat more than delivered. As an HR professional, I am always looking for new ways to support employees in their professional journey as well as their personal one. Over 6 months ago, we started working with Lorna to support a colleague within the business.  The feedback from the employee was astounding regarding Lorna’s approach and her empathy. As a business, we are over the moon that the employee learned so much during their journey with Lorna. Lorna is open-minded, clever and an amazing listener – which are all important attributes to a professional business coach. As someone who has worked with several coaches over the years, I highly recommended Lorna as a coach.”

Jess Igoe, Chief People Officer

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